Events Visit of Cherat Cement Factory (26 Oct 2022)

Visit of Cherat Cement Factory (26 Oct 2022)

MCE arranged an industrial visit for the students of CED-93 (Nss, Pcs & ASCs) to the Cherat cement factory on 26, and 27 October 2022. The following Faculty members  were detailed with students to ensure the smooth conduct of the visit:
a) AP Dr. Bilal Adeel
b) Lec Yasir Siraj
c) Lab Engr Huzaifa
industry and business is all about applied knowledge. Industries apply various principles of knowledge from fields as diverse as Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and Management Sciences etc. Students need to be guided in a way that they can see in practice, what they were taught in class, in theory. Therefore, the first and foremost purpose of Industry visits by students is to familiarize them well with processes and procedures being used by the Industry and to relate this knowledge with what they are being taught in class

October 26,2022 - 27, 2022