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Adeel Zafar

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HoD Research

Academic Background
PhD (Structures) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign January 01, 2010 - May 01, 2013
Honours and Awards
President Gold Medal 1st Position in BE civil degree April 22, 2000
Sustainable use of chemically modified tyre rubber in concrete: Machine learning based novel predictive model April 16, 2022 Piyu Li, Galal Ahmed, Hammad Hassan Awan, Mohsin Ali, Adeel Zafar, Muhammad Faisal Javed, MuhammadFaisal Javed, M. Ijaz Khan, Sumaira Qayyum, M.Y. Malik, Fuzhang Wang, Chemical Physics Letters - Volume793, Article Number 139478
Simulation of depth of wear of eco-friendly concrete using machine learning based computational approaches December 22, 2021 Mohsin Ali, Furqan Farooq, Muhammad Faisal Javed, Adeel Zafar, Krzysztof Adam Ostrowski, Fahid Aslam, Seweryn Malazdrewicz, Mariusz Maślak, Materials - Volume 15, Issue 1, Article Number 58
Predicting the ultimate axial capacity of uniaxially loaded cfst columns using multiphysics artificial intelligence December 22, 2021 Sangeen Khan, Mohsin Ali, Adeel Zafar, Muhammad Faisal Javed, Fahid Aslam, Muhammad Ali Musarat, Nikolai Ivanovich Vatin, Materials - Volume 15, Issue 1, Article Number 39
Sustainable use of fly-ash: Use of gene-expression programming (GEP) and multi-expression programming (MEP) for forecasting the compressive strength geopolymer concrete December 01, 2021 Hong-Hu Chu, Mohsin Ali Khan, Muhammad Javed, Adeel Zafar, M. Ijaz Khan, Hisham Alabduljabbar, Sumaira Qayyum, Ain Shams Engineering Journal - Volume 12, Pages 3603-3617
Forecasting strength of cfrp confined concrete using multi expression programming November 24, 2021 Israr Ilyas, Adeel Zafar, Muhammad Faisal Javed, Furqan Farooq, Fahid Aslam, Muhammad Ali Musarat, Nikolai Ivanovich Vatin, Materials - Volume 14, Issue 23, Article Number 7134
Geopolymer Concrete Compressive Strength via Artificial Neural Network, Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Interface System, and Gene Expression Programming With K-Fold Cross Validation May 03, 2021 Mohsin Ali Khan, Adeel Zafar Zafar, Furqan Farooq, Muhammad Faisal Javed, Rayed Alyousef, Hisham Alabduljabbar, M. Ijaz Khan, Frontiers in Materials - Volume 8, Article Number 621163
Application of Gene Expression Programming (GEP) for the Prediction of Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete February 26, 2021 Mohsin Ali Khan, Adeel Zafar, Arslan Akbar, Muhammad Faisal Javed , Amir Mosavi, Materials - Volume 14(5), Article Number 1106
Seismic behavior of SMA–FRP reinforced concrete frames under sequential seismic hazard September 01, 2015 Adeel Zafar, Bassem Andrawes, Engineering Structures - Volume 98, Pages 163-173
Fabrication and cyclic behavior of highly ductile superelastic shape memory composites April 01, 2014 Adeel Zafar, Bassem Andrawes, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering - Volume 26, Number 4, Pages 622-632
Experimental Flexural Behavior of SMA-FRP Reinforced Concrete Beam December 04, 2013 Adeel Zafar, Bassem Andrawes, Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering - Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 341-355
Incremental dynamic analysis of concrete moment resisting frames reinforced with shape memory composite bars February 01, 2012 Adeel Zafar, Bassem Andrawes, Smart Material and Structures - Volume 21, Number 2, Article Number 025013
Structural Engineer HQ FWO June 02, 2013 - September 03, 2018