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Banat Gull

Associate Professor
  • Military College of Engineering (MCE)
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Dr. Banat Gul is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Basic Sciences Department at Military College of Engineering, NUST. Prior to that, he served as an Assistant professor in the Department of Physics at different universities (IIU Islamabad, UOL, Riphah International university). He earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics from University of Peshawar. M.Phil. in Physics from QAU Islamabad and received his Ph.D. in Physics from PIEAS Islamabad. Also, he visited to University of Antwerp, Belgium for PhD research through HEC IRSIP program. My research focuses on Computational physics, theoretical physics, Modeling and simulation of plasma sources for material processing, DFT study and calculations and nano materials .

Academic Background
PhD (Computational Physics) Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) October 19, 2010 - June 24, 2016
Honours and Awards
First principles-based study about electronic, optical, and transport nature of novel A2ZnSe2 (A = K and Na) materials July 01, 2022 Muhammad Salman Khan, Banat Gul, Gulzar Khan, Saubia Khalid, Shaukat Ali Khattak, Benabdellah Ghlamallah, Muhammad Ajaz, Syed Zulfiqar, Tanveer Ahmad, Journal of Solid State Chemistry - Volume 311, Article Number 123107
Investigating the optoelectronic and thermoelectric nature of IrSbX (X = S, Se, and Te) TMC's semiconductors: By employing the accurate modified Becke-Johnson exchange potential June 15, 2022 Muhammad Salman Khan, Banat Gul, Bashir Ahmad, Gulzar Khan, Shaukat Ali Khattak, Tahirzeb Khan, Muhammad Ajaz, Syed Zulfiqar, Fazal Wahab, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing - Volume144, Article Number 106577
Exploring the exemplary electronic and optical nature in NaInX2 (X ¼ S, Se and Te) ternary type chalcogenides materials: A GGAþU and hybrid functionals study March 01, 2022 Muhammad Salman Khan, Banat Gul, Gulzar Khan, Shaukat Ali Khattak, Muhammad Ajaz, Tahirzeb Khan, Syed Zulfiqar, Journal of Solid State Chemistry - Volume 307, Article Number 122853
Tunable electronic and magnetic properties of single layer CdS via Li substitutional doping: A first-principle study February 01, 2022 Altaf Ur Rahman, Talha Sadiq, Rashid Khan, Rimsha Anwar, Banat Gul, Alaa Dahshan, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids - Volume 161, Article Number 110380
Insight into the electronic, optical and transport nature of Al2CdX4 (X = S, Se and Te) employing the accurate mBJ approach: Novel materials for opto-electronic devices November 15, 2021 Muhammad Salman Khan, Banat Gul, Gulzar Khan, Benabdellah Ghlamallah, Shaukat Ali Khattak, Majid Khan, Tahirzeb khan, Muhammad Ajaz, Syed Zulfiqar, Wazir Ahmad, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing - Volume 135, Article Number 106098
First principle study of Er, co-doped Fe and Yb of NaBiF6; a promising materials for optoelectronic and transport properties; probed by DFT August 14, 2021 S. Ullah, Sikander Azam, Banat Gul, F. Subhan, S. Muhammad, A. Dahshan, S.S Ahmad, A. Kalsoom, S. Faisal, H. H. Hegazy, Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures - Vol. 16, No. 3, July - September 2021, p. 823 - 830
Comparison of Mueller matrix differential decomposition and transformation August 01, 2021 Mauz Iqbal, Shamim Khan, Banat Gul, Manzoor Ahmad, Iftikhar Ahmad, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control - Volume 69, Article Number 102815
Isolating individual polarization effects from the Mueller matrix: comparison of two non-decomposition techniques July 01, 2021 Mauz Iqbal, Banat Gul, Shamim Khan, Samara Ashraf, Iftikhar Ahmad, Biomedical Optics Express - Volume 12, Issue 7, Pages 3743-3759
Electronic band structure and optical characteristic of silver lanthanide XAgSe2 (X = Eu and Er) dichalcogenides: Insight from DFT computations July 01, 2021 Sikander Azam, Muhammad Irfan, S. Bin Omran, R .Khenata, Muhammad Adil, Banat Gul, Shabir Muhammad, Gulzar Khan, Bakhtiar Ul Haq, Tuan V. Vu, Inorganic Chemistry Communication - Volume 129, Article Number 108586
Effect of Pb doping on electronic and thermoelectric properties of thallium antimony telluride (Tl8.33Sb1.67???? xPbxTe6) nano-compound: A combined experimental and theoretical investigations May 01, 2021 Muhammad Tufail, Altaf Ur Rehman, Banat Gul, Waseem Akram, Haseeb Ullah, Muhammad Waqas Iqbal, Shahid M. Ramay, Wiqar Hussain Shah, Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter - Volume 608, Article Number 412789
Comparative study of 3 x 3 Mueller matrix transformation and polar decomposition April 15, 2021 Ahmar Khaliq, Sumara Ashraf, Banat Gul, Iftikhar Ahmad, Optics Communications - Volume 485, Article Number 126756
Numerical study of SF6/O2 plasma discharge for etching applications March 27, 2021 Banat Gul, Almas Gul, Aman Ur Rehman, Iftikhar Ahmad, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing - Pages 1-16
Refractive index of biological tissues: Review, measurement techniques, and applications March 01, 2021 Banat Gul, Rana Khan, Shamim Khan, Hasan Nisar, Iftikhar Ahmad, Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy - Volume 33, Article Number 102192
Cell refractive index: Models, insights, applications and future perspectives March 01, 2021 Sumara Ashraf, Shamim Khan, Hasan Nisar, Iftikhar Ahmad, Banat Gul, Sumara Ashraf, Shamim Khan, Hasan Nisar, Iftikhar Ahmad, Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy - Volume 33, Article Number 102096
Ab-initio study about the electronic, optical and thermoelectric nature of α-, β-, and γ-phases of CdS semiconductor: using the accurate m-BJ approach February 24, 2021 Muhammad Salman Khan, Gulzar Khan, Merieme Benaadad, Benabdellah Ghlamallah, Muhammad Adil Khan, Muhammad Salman Khan, Banat Gul, Gulzar Khan, Merieme Benaadad, Benabdellah Ghlamallah, Muhammad Adil Khan, Shaukat Ali Khattak, Tahirzeb Khan, Syed Zulfiqar, Said Karim Shah, Physica Scripta - Volume 96, Number 5, Article Number 055803
Proposal of new spinel oxides semiconductors ZnGaO2, [ZnGaO2]:Mn3+ and Rh3+: ab-initio calculations and prospects for thermophysical and optoelectronic applications December 01, 2020 Muhammad Irfan, Sikander Azam, Thamara Alshahrai, Bakhtiar Ul Haq, Taun V. Vu, Safder Hussain, Banat Gul, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling - Volume 101, Article Number 107750
Toward controlled thermoelectric properties of Pb and Sb co-doped nanostructured Thallium Telluride for energy applications October 21, 2020 Waqas Muhammad Khan, Altaf Ur Rahman, Muhammad Tufail, Muhammad Ibrar, Wiqar Hussain Shah, Waqar Adil Syed, Banat Gul, Materials Research Express - Volume 7, Article Number 105010
Numerical investigation of the e_x000b_ect of variation of gas mixture ratio on density distribution of etchant species (Br, Br+, Cl, Cl+, and H) in HBr/Cl2/Ar plasma discharge June 11, 2020 Muhammad Majeed, Banat Gul, Gulfam Zia, Aman Ur Rehman, European Physical Journal D - Volume 74, Article Number 113
DFT simulations of optoelectronic and elastic features of novel cubic Samarium Zirconate (Sm2Zr2O7) crystals December 01, 2019 MuhammadIrfan, Banat Gul, Sikander Azam, Safdar Hussain, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Madikha Makhdoom, Shoaib Khan, I.V. Kityk, Shabbir Muhammad, Saifeldin M. Siddeeg, Computational Condensed Matter - Volume 21, Article Number e00414
First-Principles Description of the Different Phases in the Li2NH Compound: Electronic Structure and Optical Properties June 26, 2019 Madikha Makhdoom, M Imran Jamil, Sikander Azam, Muhammad Irfan, Zeesham Abbas, Banat Gul, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Xiaotian Wang, Journal of the Korean Physical Society - Volume 74, No. 12, Pages 1140-1145
First-principles calculations of optoelectronic properties of CaO: Eu+2 (SrO: Eu+2) for energy applications December 07, 2018 Sikander Azam, Zeesham Abbas, Banat Gul, M Shoaib Khan, Muhammad Irfan, M . Sohail, Saleem Ayaz Khan, Faiza Naseer, Ali Irfan, Gulzar Khan, D. P. Raik, R. Khenata, International Journal of Modern Physics B - Volume 32, No. 30, Article Number 1850333
Numerical Study of Capacitive Coupled HBr/Cl2 Plasma Discharge for Dry Etch Applications September 16, 2016 Banat Gul, Iftikhar Ahmad, Gulfam Zia, Aman Ur Rahman, Physics of Plasmas - Volume 23, Issue 9, Article Number 093508
Fluid Simulation of Capacitively Coupled HBr/Ar Plasma for Etching Applications September 01, 2016 Banat Gul, Aman Ur Rahman, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing - Volume 36, Pages 1363-1375
Numerical Study of HBr/He Discharges in Capacitive Coupled Plasma Reactor May 01, 2016 Aman Ur Rahman, Banat Gul, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing - Volume 36, Pages 857–868
A numerical study of the effect of various reactions, pressure and gas mixture ratio on the density distribution of etchant species (H, Br, Br1, and HBr1) in HBr/He plasma April 26, 2016 Banat Gul, Aman Ur Rahman, Physics of Plasmas - Volume 23, Article Number 043506
A comparative study of capacitively coupled HBr/He, HBr/Ar plasmas for etching applications: numerical investigation by fluid model October 29, 2015 Banat Gul, Aman Ur Rahman, Physics of Plasmas - Volume 22, Article Number 103520
Numerical investigation of HBr/He transformer coupled plasmas used for silicon etching,” December 10, 2014 Banat Gul, Stefan Tink, Aman Ur Rehman, Annemie Boagarts, Peter De Schepp, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics - Volume 48, Number 2, Article Number 025202
Assistant Professor Riphah International University Lahore September 19, 2019 - February 29, 2020
Assistant Professor UOL-Lahore February 07, 2018 - October 27, 2019
Assistant Professor IIU-Islamabd February 14, 2017 - February 14, 2018
Assistant Professor QAU, Islamabad September 01, 2016 - February 13, 2017