Faculty Naeem Shahzad

Naeem Shahzad

HOD Department of Water Resources & Engineering
  • Military College of Engineering (MCE)

Academic Background
PhD (Nanotechnology) NUST, Islamabad - July 05, 2022
Honours and Awards
Best Teacher
Optoelectronic properties of thermally coated tin selenide thin films for photovoltaic November 29, 2021 Nisar Ali, Umar Sharif, Naeem Shahzad, Abul Kalam, Abdullah Al-Sehemi, Hussein Alrobei, Amir Khesro, International Journal of Energy Research - Pages 1-6
Nuclear Disaster Preparedness Level of Medical Responders in Pakistan March 01, 2021 Nadeem Ahmad Shah, Naeem Shahzad, Muhammad Sohail, Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology - Volume 48(4), Pages 95-101
Synthesis of Tin Oxide Nanoparticles in order to study its properties January 01, 2021 Naeem Shahzad, Nisar Ali, A. Shahid , S. Khan, H. Alrobei , Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Structures - Volume 16 (1), Pages 41-49
The effects of regional climatic condition on the spread of COVID-19 at global scale October 15, 2020 Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal, Irfan Abid, Saddam Hussain, Naeem Shahzad, Muhammad Sohail Waqas, Muhammad Jawed Iqbal, Science of the Total Environment - Volume 739, Article Number 140101
Surfactant Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles Using Single Source Precursors September 15, 2020 Naeem Shahzad, Nisar Ali, I. Ahmad, N. Ullah, S. Khalid, M. Fazal, A. Kalam, A. G. AL-Sehemi, Chalcogenide Letters - Volume 17(9), Pages 469-480
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Annealed Tin Selenide (SnSe) Thin Film Material for Solar Cell Application July 01, 2020 Nisar Ali, Naeem Shahzad, I. Haq, S. W. Shah, S. Ali, Q. S. Ahmad, F. Azlullah, A. Kalam, A. G. AL-Sehem, Chalcogenide Letters - Volume 17(7), Pages 347-351
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