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Faculty Achievements

Dr. Muhammad Irfan
Outstanding Research Award in Transportation Infrastructure Systems – Purdue University USA

While undergoing MS/ PhD studies at Purdue University, USA, Dr Muhammad Irfan’s industrious research work spawned a number of technical publications in internationally recognized impact factor journals. In recognition of his exceptional research/ publications achievements Dr. Muhammad Irfan was conferred with “Outstanding Research Award” in Transportation Infrastructure Systems – Purdue University, USA in year 2010.

Civil Engineering Best Dissertation Award – Purdue University USA

Dr. Muhammad Irfan holds MS Civil Engineering and a Ph.D. degree from Purdue University, USA. Dr. Irfan has also qualified Applied Management Principles Program (Mini-MBA) from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, USA. He was selected on merit by GHQ/ Ministry of Defence for Postgraduate Studies abroad in Civil Engg. During his PhD studies, Dr Irfan exhibited outstanding academic and professional standards and was awarded “Civil Engg Best Dissertation Award” for the year 2010.

National Award of Best University Teacher By Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan

The award aims to encourage and recognize the contribution of outstanding University teachers. This national recognition of the faculty’ contribution acts as a catalyst for others to enhance their efforts in the fields of teaching and research.

Dr. Muhammad Irfan performed exceedingly well as a faculty member and based upon his demonstrated teaching and research accomplishments, teaching load, faculty appraisal from peers, superiors and feedback from students, he was nominated by National University of Sciences and Technology for the National Award of Best University Teacher.

Dr. Muhammad Irfan was conferred with the prestigious award of “Best University Teacher” for the year 2011 by Federal Minister of Higher Education in a ceremony held at Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan in year 2013 on scoring highest in the above mentioned parameters from amongst the highly qualified faculty strength of over 1000 serving at constituent colleges of NUST.


Dr. Kamran Akhtar
Ralph B. Peck Award for Outstanding Research

Dr Kamran Akhtar was granted Ralph B. Peck Award for Outstanding Research in Geotechnical Engineering at UIUC, USA


Dr. Imran Ullah
Best Postgraduate Student Award

Dr. Imran ullah has been awarded Best Postgraduate Student Award and Chancellor Award (The prestigious award in University Technology Malaysia) in the 60th UTM Convocation 2018.


Engr Muhammad Adeel
Presidents Gold Medal

Engr. Muhammad Adeel has been awarded President​’s​ Gold Medal on securing 1st Position in MS ​Transportation Engineering​ at NUST with ​CGPA 4.0/4.0.


Dr. Hafiz Zahoor Ahmad
Presidents Gold Medal

Dr Hafiz Zahoor Ahmad Khan has been awarded President Gold Medal on securing 1st Position in MS Construction Engineering & Management at NUST with 3.9/4.0 CGPA.


Engr. Fawad Akram
Presidents Gold Medal

Engr Fawad Akram has been awarded President Gold Medal on securing 1st Posn in MS RS & GIS at NUST with 4.0/4.0 CGPA


Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khurshid
Transportation Infrastructure Systems Outstanding Research Award by Purdue University, USA

Dr Muhammad Bilal Khurshid is awarded outstanding research award during his MS/PhD in Purdue University, USA.


Dr. Mazhar Iqbal Arshad
Bishops’ Geotechnical Research Award

Dr Mazhar Iqbal Arshad was awarded Bishop’s Geotechnical Research Medal.


Dr. Maqbool Sadiq Awan
Award of U.S. Patent Application

Dr. Muhammad Maqbool Sadiq was granted intellectual property rights as the first inventor by U.S Patent office in the form of United States Patent Application Number US 2014/0060388 A1, “Ultra High Performance Concrete Reinforces with Low-Cost Graphite Nanomaterials and Microfibers, and Method for Production Thereof”.