In The Spotlights Structural Dynamics Lab

The structural dynamics lab has been recently inaugurated at MCE. The lab has been established to study the load-displacement relationship of the scaled model of structures and structural members under the application of monotonic, static cyclic, and dynamic loading. The lab features capabilities for conducting:

  1. Tensile testing under cyclic loading
  2. Tensile testing of prestressed tendons of all sizes
  3. Compression testing of bridge bearing pads under cyclic loading
  4. Testing reinforced concrete pipes of large diameter
  5. Compression testing of concrete under cyclic loads
  6. Testing of various structural elements under static cyclic loads
  7. Testing of various structural elements under dynamic cyclic loads
  8. Testing of structural models under static cyclic and dynamic cyclic load
  9. Studying the performance of various structural models and structural elements under application of real-time recorded earthquake time histories

The lab will be used for multiple activities including industry, research, and teaching.