A thought provoking lecture was delivered on the “Creation of Bangladesh: Myths Exploded” by Dr. Junaid Ahmad, the Chairman of National Management Consultants (Pvt), Government’s Advisor on Investment and Civil Aviation Authority and Patron of a number of consultant firms providing services on Environment and Credit Rating. He is also Chairman of the Economic Committee and Member of BoG of Karachi Council on Foreign Relations and Member of BoG of Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM). Besides, he is the author of a number of books on international affairs. His book, “India – An Apartheid State” has been translated in five different languages.

The talk enlightened the audience about the realities of the creation of Bangladesh and the 1971 war. He highlighted the myths related to this dark part of Pakistan’s history and the ground realities of the events. He helped shed away the impacts of false propaganda about the role of Pak Army and national policies leading to the creation of Bangladesh. The talk was followed by a rigorous question-answer session in which he emphasized on the youth to propagate these realities so that we learn from our past and lead a prosperous future.