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Geotechnical Engineering Group:​

Dr Sarfraz Ahmed (Professor, Research Group Lead)​

Dr Abdul Waheed (Associate Professor)​

Dr Hamid Ashraf (Associate Professor)

Dr Rana Muhammad Asad​ (Associate Professor)

Nawab Ali Dogar (Lecturer)

  • Management of blast associated risks

  • Earthquake engineering

  • Geo-mechanical instrumentation, decision making using micro-electro mechanical sensors and artificial intelligence

  • Geo-hazards and tunnelling

  • Ground behaviour monitoring, adv numerical modeling and predictive forecasting

  • Geotech & geo-prey site technique

  • Soil & site improvement

  • Shallow & deep foundations

  • Advance numerical modeling technique in complex geo-mechanics & problems (tunnels, subways, landslides, dams)
Structure Engineering Group:

Dr Rizwan Ahmed (Associate Professor, Research Group Lead)​​

Dr Syed Hassan Farooq (Associate Professor)

Dr Adeel Zafar (Associate Professor)​

Dr Shahid Siddique (Assistant Professor)​


  • Concrete materials and technology

  • Probabilistic analysis of structural stability

  • High strength concrete

  • Fire safety structural analysis

  • Vulnerability assessment against natural hazards

  • Risk assessment against natural hazards, Seismic assessment

Transportation Engineering Group:

Dr Sarfraz Ahmed (Professor, Research Group Lead)​

Dr Muhammad Irfan (Professor, Dean)

Dr Wasim Irshad Ul Haq Kayani (Professor)​

Dr Jawed Iqbal (Associate Professor)

Dr Inamullah Khan (Assistant Professor)​​

  • Highway Infrastructure/Asset management system

  • Life cycle highway asset performance and economic evaluation

  • Traffic engineering and safety analysis

  • Sustainable transportation system

  • Statistical and econometric analysis

  • Transportation system evaluation and decision making

  • Travel behavior and transport modeling

  • Transportation planning and urban mass transit system

  • Pavement Materials
Construction Engineering & Management:

Dr Rai Waqas Azfar (Assistant Professor, Research Group Lead)​​

Dr Salah Ud Din Azad (Associate Professor)

Dr Khwaja Mateen Mazher (Assistant Professor)

Dr Abubakar Sharafat (Assistant Professor)​​

Dr Ali Abbas (Assistant Professor)​​

  • Construction safety management

  • Construction accident analysis

  • Economics in construction,​ Scheduling, planning, monitoring mega projects

  • Material flow & inventory management. supply chain management, operation management

  • Preparing different consultancy contracts relating to design and construction supervision

  • Logistics, supply chain planning & management, financial management

Water Resource Engineering & Management:

Dr Naeem Shehzad (Associate Professor, Research Group Lead)​​

Dr Muhammad Amjad (Assistant Professor)​​

Muhammad Ukasha (Lecturer)

  • Hydrology studies and related impact assessment analysis

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Water resource engineering  and management
Disaster Management:

Dr Naeem Shehzad (Associate Professor, Research Group Lead)

Dr Sajid Mehmood​​ (Assistant Professor)

Dr Tariq Feroz (Assistant Professor)​​

  • Flood hazard mapping and forecasting

  • Disaster risk and vulnerability

  • Environmental risk assessment

  • GIS applications in disaster risk mitigation and management