Departments Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities, being part of a  uni-discipline “engineering” college, is committed to achieving academic excellence in teaching and scholarly endeavors, as well as serving the academic community and the public at large. The importance of non-engineering subjects in shaping and polishing of our engineers can be well visualized by the fact that HEC (Higher Education Commission) and PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) have set a threshold of 30% share of non-engineering subjects in Bachelor of Engineering Degree curriculum.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Faisal Yousafzai

We, the faculty of the Basic Sciences and Humanities Department, at MCE are focused on imparting quality education with a perspective of truly materializing the essence of setting non-engineering courses in the engineering curriculum. Because we believe that not only basic engineering education makes professional engineers but students need to achieve excellence in other professional areas too, which primarily include professional ethics, communication skills, technical writing and entrepreneurship, etc. The faculty members of the department are well qualified and highly motivated. I acknowledge the efforts put in by our faculty members in improving the standard & achieving the set goals. May Allah’s blessing be with us in our continued progress in pursuit of excellence.

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The Basic Sciences and Humanities Department envisions its future role as imperative to the success of each student’s education at Military College of Engineering and his post-graduation practical life. Current faculty will continue to develop academic and technological skills to reflect state-of-the-art learning environments and technology specific to the success of learning in each subject. Our courses will continue to encourage creativity, innovation and critical thinking; they are reflective of historical and contemporary ideas. We envision providing exciting and inspiring lessons that allow every student to achieve his full academic potential; promoting an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and success for both students and staff and supporting students in their moral and spiritual development, and providing them with an opportunity to reflect on the challenging issues of the world.
We believe in grooming our students who would graduate as “Civil Engineers” well equipped with valuable knowledge, as well as with technical, critical-thinking and problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills. This will empower our students for their future careers in the educational and industrial sectors.

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