Departments Department of Sustainable Advanced Geomechanical Engineering (SAGE)

Department of Sustainable Advanced Geomechanical Engineering (SAGE)

SAGE is a proud presenter of the Pakistan specific and globally competitive program in Geotechnical, Mining and Tunneling Engineering at both MS and PhD levels. The department is equipped with highly qualified faculty in advanced numerical modeling skills to enable prospective graduates to deal with 21st century challenges. The program offers a wide range of opportunities in:

  • Geotechnical Domain (shallow & deep foundations, ground improvement, dams, slopes, excavation in soft and hard rocks, multi-stage tunneling, tunnel boring machines).
  • Mining Domain (mine management, technical management of ventilation, rock mechanics, rock breaking, mineral resources) financial valuation and management (mine design, mine financial evaluation, mine feasibility studies, mine environmental impact studies), mining and drilling contracting (mining, tunneling, shaft sinking, mine development, ore evaluation), mining research, mining equipment design and manufacture, mining marketing and administration at provincial, national, and international level.
  • Geohazard Domain (material characterization, geotechnics, run-out analysis, and predictive forecasting, risk assessment and mitigation, etc.).

Head of Department Message

Dr. Hamid Ashraf

The geological setting of Pakistan not only presents a variety of geomechanical challenges, but also offers tremendous economic opportunities. The capacity of SAGE has exclusively been built to impart Pakistan specific geomechanical curriculum. SAGE is envisioned to develop into a hub to support innovations, evolve sustainable solutions and optimize existing practices in all the facets of geomechanics. Taking advantage of the cutting edge skills acquired by the SAGE faculty during their respective post graduate studies, meaningful collaborative projects of mutual interest have been embarked upon with Wits Mining Institute (WMI) South Africa, Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment (IMH&E), China, and Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), China. SAGE since its establishment in November 2017, has also extensively outreached all mining stake holders in Pakistan. The postgraduate program has been integrated with industry to commence research on critical areas of immediate concern. The stakeholders including government departments, industry and academicians will have the opportunity to engage their human resource to research on respective issues as part of their masters and doctoral studies.

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