Departments Department of Water Resources Engineering & Management

Department of Water Resources Engineering & Management

The Department of Water Resources is imparting the latest knowledge and quality education related to Fluid Mechanics and Water resource management. The Department constitute highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty who are contributing towards knowledge with practical application and endeavoring to produce good quality engineers who can serve the nation in a befitting manner. Lectures are delivered by the faculty in the classrooms using state of the art teaching aids. Laboratory tests follow the lectures and are conducted in the laboratories under well trained, very experienced staff and under the direct supervision of respective faculty. We also have Software Laboratory containing all necessary software for modeling fluid mechanics. All the courses being taught at MCE conform to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) standards and are accredited on a regular basis.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Muhammad Amjad

Department of Water Resources Engineering & Management has been established to primarily meet the water industry needs of the country. The Department is designed and developed along modern lines which are tailored to impart and strengthen the students’ knowledge in Water Resources Engineering & Management and its related specialties. Our aim is to train students to acquire knowledge and hands-on practice in tools and techniques to come up with viable and sustainable solutions within the framework of the integrated water resources management at the river basin scale. The curriculum is regularly revised to impart the latest knowledge to the students. We have no doubt that our trained water resources engineers, planners & managers will be able to face the current challenges of securing water for domestic, industrial, and agricultural use; protect the vital ecosystem; effectively deal with spatial & temporal variability and uncertainty of water.

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Our vision is to equip the student with development of analytic, problem-solving, design, and management skills suitable for public and private sector professional work. With the mission to educate students to become effective contributors in the domain of water resources engineering, water management, and hydraulic engineering practice and academia. We strive to provide a broad and diverse education that produces graduates who are well schooled in the fundamentals of civil engineering. To achieve these goals, we maintain a balance between research and teaching in our program. Accordingly, theory and practice, experimental and analytical techniques, and traditional and cutting edge ideas are integrated within our research and teaching.

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