Departments Department of Construction Engineering & Management

Department of Construction Engineering & Management

MCE’s Department of Construction Engineering Management (CE&M) offers Master’s level qualification to students with a background and education in disciplines relevant to civil engineering and construction. The degree program provides opportunities for structured learning combined with research. The curriculum offered aims to enrich students with knowledge and expertise in areas of construction project planning, economics, finance, procurement, project execution, monitoring and control, and other critical areas of building and infrastructure delivery and management. Students are exposed to the latest trends in Construction Engineering and Management, including but not limited to, the concept, utility, and application of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The courses have been designed to enable the students to visualize the complexities of construction project’s delivery and management at the individual project level, the organizational and stakeholders’ level, and to an extent, the intricacies of the construction industry at the national and global levels.

Topnotch research is an essential part of delivering excellence in quality education and to further push the horizon of CE&M body of knowledge. The faculty at the CE&M department is well equipped to undertake research in various sub-domains of CE&M. In addition, due to MCE’s unique position, it maintains strong ties with the industry which facilitates both the functions of the department, i.e. teaching and research.

The overall vision of the department is to nurture future leaders and construction industry professionals for positions within the government, industry, and academia.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Mughees Aslam

The Department of Construction Engineering and Management aims to prepare students to manage and deliver sustainable buildings and infrastructure systems by applying and employing best practices in engineering and management in the major life-cycle phases of planning, design, construction, and operation. Besides engagements in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, our faculty members are actively involved in research to address challenging real-world problems, both in the local and the global contexts. A major emphasis of the Faculty is to further develop and enhance core research strengths in various key areas for the sustainable development of the construction industry. This includes integration of the latest technologies of this digital era into the traditional management and delivery of construction projects, to remove inefficiencies in all of their forms and to promote sustainable development. Throughout the offered program, emphasis will remain on new technologies, developments, and techniques in both domestic and international construction.

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Our vision is to reinforce the quality education in the field of civil engineering by equipping the students with the latest and state of the art knowledge in the discipline of Construction Engineering and Management thus making our students a complete Engineer as they Graduate from this Premier Institution.

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