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Department of Transportation & Geotechnical Engineering

The Department of Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering is committed to impart the latest knowledge and quality education related to Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Engineering Geology. The Department under highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty is excelling to produce good quality engineers who can serve the nation in a befitting manner. Previously only two mandatory courses each in Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering were being offered. Most recently new elective courses of international standards both in Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering have been introduced and being taught at MCE.

Mandatory courses in both Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering provide basic level education essentially required for a Civil Engineer. Whereas advanced level courses in both the areas being offered as elective courses from 6th semester onwards provide an opportunity to the students to major in a particular area. Lectures are delivered by the faculty in the classrooms using state of the art teaching aids. Laboratory tests follow the lectures and are conducted in the laboratories under well trained, very experienced staff and under the direct supervision of respective faculty. Most of the courses require learning and using of different software packages related to Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering thus developing computer skills in the students to make them proficient in handling different problems in practical life.

At MCE, we have Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories equipped with a large variety of necessary testing apparatus required at the undergraduate level. We also have Software Laboratory containing all necessary software for both Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering. Geology Laboratory is also a state-of-the-art laboratory containing a large variety of rock samples and geological models.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan

The transport sector plays a significant role in the country’s economy and very aptly considered as the backbone for a strong economy and key contributor in quality of life. With over people, transport is one of the rapidly growing sectors in Pakistan and according to the economic survey of Pakistan, it accounts for over 12% of gross domestic product (GDP). The annual growth of transport and communications sector in the country is over 2.0% and its employment share is 6.4% of the labor force. Lack of requisite academic and administrative expertise available in this vital sector, stipulates training of human resource for the successful careers in the field of transportation engineering. Geotechnical engineering is a backbone of civil engineering which deals with the design of foundations for structures, tunneling, disposal of waste products by burial in the ground, design of earth dams, the stability of natural and manmade slopes, and a variety of other similar topics. The department has a fully functional testing laboratory which is equipped with the state of the art equipment. The laboratory enjoys a unique honour and reputation of extreme credence in testing of engineering materials. Testing in the geotechnical laboratory is supervised by qualified faculty, who, are graduates and postgraduate civil engineers. Qualified laboratory staff is employed in positions of senior laboratory assistants/laboratory assistants, who are engaged in material testing tasks both in the field and in the laboratory. The testing is precise, accurate, and reliable by virtue of having state of the art testing apparatuses and qualified, dedicated, and competent laboratory personals.

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Our vision is to equip the student with the development of analytic, problem-solving, design, and management skills suitable for public and private sector professional work. With the mission to educate students to become leaders in Transportation & geotechnical engineering practice and academia. We strive to provide a broad and diverse education that produces graduates who are well-schooled in the fundamentals of civil engineering. To achieve these goals, we maintain a balance between research and teaching in our program. Accordingly, theory and practice, experimental and analytical techniques, and traditional and cutting edge ideas are integrated into our research and teaching.

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